Vista Business on Fujitsu U810

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I have read that Vista Business doesn't run all that bad on the Fujitsu U810
UMPC, particularly if you also run Readyboost.  I don't know much about
Readyboost except for what I have read on the Internet.  I wonder what
others think, setting aside bias against Windows and Vista.  If I was a PC
guru, I would certainly contemplate running Linux on a PC that I would use
exclusively for travel or otherwise.

In contemplation of running Readyboost and a 4 GB Sandisk Extreme III card
(SDHC), can I expect a significant increase in performance?  Is the benefit
only derived during the boot process (for prefetch)?  Is Readyboost a waste
of time and money not to mention tying up the only SD slot on the machine?
Thanks in advance.


Re: Vista Business on Fujitsu U810

I have used vista and readyboost on an ultra Mobile PC for well over a
year and the 2 GB usb stick is vital to keeping the speed of
applications comfortable.


Re: Vista Business on Fujitsu U810

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I owned a U810 with Vista Home Premium on it. I found Vista to be a
poor match with this specific unit. I did not see any real speed
improvements with ReadyBoost. I did, however "downgrade" to XP Tablet
Edition and found that the unit was then quite useful and almost
speedy for my daily tasks. The difference was not subtle. If you are
considering this unit, be sure to get the Vista Business version which
includes an XP TE restore disk. This makes life very simple for you to
try both and see which you prefer. I did it the hard way, loading
Tablet Edition from scratch and then all the drivers, programs, etc.
Took some time, but I did have a clean install without any crapware. I
hope this helps in some way.

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