view DVD movies on Dell PCIA ?

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Is it possible to view DVD movies on a Dell Laptop PCIa ?

I have an old Dell PCIA laptop, with an external USB drive, I have
burned my DVD
collection on the external drive using dvd decrypter.

Can I view these movies on the Dell or is it simply not fast enough,
not enough
graphic power ?

Re: view DVD movies on Dell PCIA ?

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Probably not.  (I assume you mean a Dell CPiA laptop.)

I have an old CPi-A366XT (366 Mhz), and it just barely keeps up with a DVD
movie if the window is rather small.  A DVD movie at or near full screen is
jerky and unwatchable.

I haven't tried USB, but bear in mind the USB port is not USB2.

Re: view DVD movies on Dell PCIA ?

Okay, didn't think so but had to hold out some hope. I was trying to
avoid having to finally
bite the bullet and buy a new laptop !

Re: view DVD movies on Dell PCIA ?

Genki wrote:

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I find that it depends on the specs - wasn't 366mhz the minimum for a
CPiA (assuming that's what you meant).  If so, I had good luck watching
DVD on a CPiD 366 (which if anything is a slightly lesser machine than
an equivalent CPiA)  I found I had to run Win98 (a stripped down version
using 98lite) to get good results and turn everything else off.  Also,
Dell used to sell a PC Card DVD decoder from Margi that would offload
the decoding so it would play easily - I think you can still get them on
Ebay.  The only factor that I'm note sure of would be the USB DVD drive
- if you had an old CD drive, you could swap a DVD drive in the housing
and have an internal drive for pretty cheap.


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