Video problem Dell Latitude CPi A

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I have a old Dell Latitude laptop and I have installed Window XP on it
Works fine even if its only 256 M Ram. The picture has only 256 colors
and it flickers and change in background color all time (mostly pink) I
have tried to update the drive for the graphic card the Neomatic
MagicGraph 256 AV with different drivers from, but very
little change. Some are little better then other ,but still only 256
colors.It seems Dell has no driver to windows XP to this old model.
I have tried to change also the monitor type , but that inflict very
little, same problem
What to do?

Re: Video problem Dell Latitude CPi A

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It sounds like the problem is obvious - drivers for an old machine (I have a
CPiA) running XP.

The solution may be:
.  upgrade (aka replace) the machine;
.  run a suitable O/S such as 98SE;
.  live with it.

You also MAY have a hardware problem.

Re: Video problem Dell Latitude CPi A

No. if it's intermittent flickering, it's hardware.  Also, the CPiA
doesn't need any extra drivers for a functional display under XP.  Open
the case and check the ribbon connector where it joins the motherboard,
also the joints behind the LCD screen.
Battery out, power off, press power button 5 secs to discharge.  Flip
upside down, remove keyboard screws (5).  Flip over, lever up keyboard
- it's a press fit with side clips. lever away from keycaps as they're
a bugger to refit.  Remove battery, HDD, optical and undo the couple of
extra top casing screws near these - the top casing and trackpad should
lift without effort.  you probably have enough room to work without
disconneting keyboard/trackpad, but if not it's easy: unclip ribbon
connector and slide out.
To open screen, prise off rubber feet and grey blanking plates at
corner of lcd and carefully prise off bezel of screen. 1 screw at each
corner and the LCD will come out - lean forward and check connections.

At this point you can power up (carefully) and wiggle the connections
to see if it helps.


Re: Video problem Dell Latitude CPi A

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Can you make it flicker if you tweak the screen a bit?

Also, the pinkish hue could be an early sing that your backlight is

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