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I have a Dell C400 running windows xp.

I posted previously about a monitor problem. The computer starts up
fine and then reverts to low resolution and 4 bit color.

I contacted Dell via email. They answered in half an hour that I would
need step by step instructions and should call the helpline (whihc no
doubt charges a fee).

I replied back asking for a simple diagnosis as I can figure out how to
do something. basically, I think it was a ruse to get me to pay a high
fee per minute. No response.

I emailed again and asked why they couldn't tell me what was wrong,
even if they didn't have time to give me directions.

I received a reply that I need to replace my video card, and since it
is past the warranty, I will need to ship it them.

Um, I can understand having them do the work if it is covered by
warranty, but after the warranty, why would they have any say in who I
get to replace a video card? It's MY money.

So, I emailed back and asked for the part number so I can get it
myself. I could either take it to a local shop to get fixed or try it
myself if it isn't too hard. I can't see shipping it off and not having
it for several weeks. I do use it every day. No response.

I went to the Dell website and looked at parts. When I got to video
card, it said that the you had to call and talk to a representative to
buy the part. It won't even give a number.

Is there a way to find out thenumber so I can order one?  I am also
looking into finding a really cheap broken one that I can use for
parts. Otherwise, I just won't fix it. It works fine. I just have to
manually tell it what settings I need since it reverts back.

Also, is there any chance that the video card is just loose? I do
travel with it a lot. Perhaps, it is just loose? Is it that hard to
open the case and look?

Re: video card problem

This is almost certainly just a wrong driver and not a hardware problem. wrote:
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Re: video card problem

Barry Watzman wrote:
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That's what I figured, but Dell won't answer me. They just want me to
call and pay the per minute fee. Or pay for an expensive repair.

I tried renstalling the graphics driver from the utilities disc. No
change there. I couldn't find any other files that were obvious to me
as a monitor driver.

Do you have any idea what I should look for? I tried to do a search on
Dell's website as well, but I don't know what video card my computer
has or what monitor it has. Any suggestions what I should try?

    Video Drivers

    Intel Extreme Graphics 855 GM
    Intel Graphics Technology 830M
    Roxio VideoWave Movie Creator

 Display Devices

    Dell 1505FP
    Dell 1702FP
    Dell 1704FPV
    Dell 1707FPc
    Dell 1707FPt
    Dell 1905FP
    Dell 1907FPc
    Dell 1907FPt
    Dell 2001FP
    Dell 2005FPW
    Dell 2100MP
    Dell E153FP
    Dell E156FPf
    Dell E173FP
    Dell E193FP
    Dell E196FPb
    Dell E772c
    Dell E772p
    Dell E773p
    Dell E773s
    Dell M782
    Dell M782p
    Dell M783p
    Dell M783s
    Dell M992
    Dell M993s
    Dell P1130
    Dell P793
    Dell P992

Re: video card problem

Agreed. Remove the current drivers, and re-install. If all else fails, you
could always just re-install the O/S. It does definitely sound like a
software problem, which would definitely be fixed with a fresh O/S install.
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Re: video card problem

Dan wrote:
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If it comes down to it, I will do that. But I have so many programs and
files, that I would hate to miss something and lose it. I am currently
backing up everything onto CD just in case.

I did find some discussions on the Dell forums that sound like I just
need to delete a registry folder and reboot. But I can't find the
folder it names, and I don't know where to find the registry folders.

I'm trying to search the forums now for information on how to do that.

And I found that this problem is caused by removing the computer from
the docking station while not shut down. I did do that once several
months ago, so that was probably when it started. It seems to be fairly
common, so I am a bit irritated that the Dell techs wouldn't tell me
this. They should be able to give me a very easy solution.

Re: video card problem

I am not familiar with that Dell, but most laptops have the video card
integrated on the main board, and you will have to replace the systemboard
to fix it.
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Re: video card problem

Quite a few Dell machines do indeed have separate and interchangeable
video cards.

Bruce Markowitz wrote:

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Problem Solved - Re: video card problem

I found the solution on the forum. It didn't explain where to find the
registry files, so I had to do another search to find that topic, but
once I found it, it was pretty easy to do:

Start Menu > Run > Regedit

Find and delete these two folders


Reboot computer

Problem solved.

No hardware problem at all.

Apparently, it happens when improperly shut down, and also when removed
from docking station improperly. I did do that once, and I've had a few
crashes. From the postings in the forum, it seems pretty common, and
well known since 2002.

Re: Problem Solved - Re: video card problem wrote:
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Well done.  Perhaps you should forward it to Dell support in case they need
it in the future.  lol :-)

Re: Problem Solved - Re: video card problem

Beck wrote:

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I sent them a lovely email letting them know that if they would read
their own forums, they could have solved my problem in 5 minutes,
saving me hours of searching, and not leaving me with the impression
that they wanted to charge me for unnecessary repairs.

I also quoted the posts from 2002 that explained the exact same
problem, the cause, and the solution provioded by the Dell tech at that
time.  I haven't heard anything back, but I didn't expect to.

I did make sure that I posted the soultion here, as this was the first
place I looked, hoping to find a solution. Almost every computer
problem I have ever had as already been asked about and solved on these
newsgroups. I can usually do a search, and find a solution fairly
quickly. This was one of the rare ones that a solution was not already
here, and even more rare, not easily solved when asked here. So,
hopefully, the next person with this problem will do a search and find
the solution here.

Re: Problem Solved - Re: video card problem wrote:
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Yes there is usually a solution somewhere even if it is 10 pages deep in a
search engine.  I do find newsgroups the best place for help on problems if
searching doesn't help. There is usually someone who has had the same
problem. :-)

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