video card problem?

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OK, here's a weird one I need help with...

We get a very occasional video problem with our home laptop. It's
runnning Windows XP Pro and my wife and I both have user accounts. Now
and again, once the machine has been left idle and defaults back to the
windows log-in screen, the screen goes 'fuzzy'. I think think of a good
way of describing it - it almost looks as if alternate lines get
shifted, so you can just about make out the icons and password boxes on
the screen. This only ever happens when it becomes idle from my wife's
account, never mine. If we click on the icon for her account, we can
log back in, but the picture is still fuzzy. The only way to cure the
problem is to log into my account. The picture is always fine for me.
Log back out, back into her account and everything is fine. This
probably happens once a month.

Recently we've started to get a similar problem. For no particular
reason, her desktop wallpaper takes on this fuzzy apearance (the
picture is a 5mp jpeg), but the desktop icons are not affected.

It sounds like some kind of video card problem, but I didn't think any
of the video settings were set user by user, rather than fixed for the
machine. Also, she doesn't run any applications that I don't. None of
these problems have ever occurred from my account.

Any clues? Thanks in advance.


Re: video card problem?

Okay.. here is MY suggestion on this one..
My first thought was.. change her Screen Saver settings to all NONE and her
Power managment settings. etc..

BUT then I realized this doesn't happen at ALL on your account. just hers.
So you could spend some time troubleshooting what setting in her profile is
causing the issue.

THE simplest solution..
Backup anything in her Documents somewhere else on the hard drive. etc..
then log onto your account and BLOW AWAY her profile and recreate another
account for her. and have her recreate all her desktop shortcuts etc. I
WOULD TRY NOT to take anything from her old account even thou you can.. But
just to eliminate any issue's being as you don't know what's causing them.

If you don't wish to blow away her account at this time. then just create
another account for her to use for a month or so just to test the theory

Good luck

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