Video card needs a little push!

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:D Hello everyone I am new here.  First time posting on any website.
I realy need some help I have an eMachine (it's not my fault!) with a
mobility radeon9600 video card with 64mb memory!  :crybaby:  It has an
AMD 64 3400 processor, and 1.25GB memory.  It runs almost every game I
have at full capacity (even half life 2).  I have the game F.E.A.R.
and I cannot get it to play with even medim settings on the video
card.  I think it is the memory on the video card, but like I said
that was never a problem before.  I just need to tweak the card a
little to get the game to run at least half way decent.  As it is it
is not too far off.  Is there anything I can do to ofset the poor
memory on the card!?!   :retard: Thanks for any help!!!

Re: Video card needs a little push!

according to the box it should run, do you have directx9.0c installed?
how about the sound card is it directx 9.0 compliant. The screen aspect
ratio needs to be able to do 4:3.
Fear will test the limits of any system.
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Re: Video card needs a little push!

You could try NHC, Notebook Hardware Control for your laptop, it gives
the abitlity to overclock an ATI card.

Also, there are alternate drivers, /
I actually installed this on a customer computer that was having
trouble, and it seemed to work well.  I'm not using them though!



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Re: Video card needs a little push!

ssmiff wrote:
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You do know that overclocking anything both voids your warranty, and
may significantly reduce the life of the component?

That card just might be replaceable. You might be able to find a better
one. You'll have to check to be sure, but:

"Technology for Today and Tomorrow

        * Advanced, future-friendly technology ensures your notebook
will last
        * ATI's FlexFit=99 architecture allows notebook manufacturers
deliver better performing notebooks to you - faster"

ATI's FlexFit=99 technology brings together the Mobility=99 family of
pin-compatible mobile graphics processors and the most competitive IGP
products in the industry for AMD and Intel, with one common driver for
all solutions.

One more thing: that card reduces performance if it overheats.

"ATI Overdrive=99 automatically adjusts to the ideal clock
speed/performance based on the thermal environment"

Re: Video card needs a little push!

This sounds similar to the system I purchased a few months ago. If you
are using the on-board video, BIOS setup options can change the memory
available to the video processor. If you are using an installed video
card, replace it with a "better" one.

Giving the model of your system would help you to get a better answer.

Phil Sherman

ssmiff wrote:
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