Viao resolution stuck at 1024x768

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I have a sony viao VGN-A130P notebook. I cant seem to change the screen
resolution from 1024x768 to 1200x1024.

The options are enabled, but nothing happens when I change resolutions.
I have tried using drivers for LCD monitor from SOny & MS.. nothing

H E L P !!!


a viao victim

Re: Viao resolution stuck at 1024x768

Check to make sure your laptop's LCD supports resolutions higher than

I'm not familiar with Vaios, but most of my laptops' video cards
supported a higher reolution than their LCDs. My Thinkpad could only do
1024x768 on its LCD, but 1600x1200 on external monitors.

Re: Viao resolution stuck at 1024x768 wrote:
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First, for a 4:3 screen it is 1280x1024, not 1200x1024.  If the
resolution is supported on the video card, then you need to select the
correct monitor as 1280x1024 -Sony Notebook LCD (1280x1024).  What video
adapter does this laptop use?  Is this really a widescreen 16:9?


Re: Viao resolution stuck at 1024x768

Thank you everyone for your replies.
After your directions I have found that the limitation is with the VAIO
LCD monitor, which does not have adequate pixels to go higher than
1024x768. This is the max I can get on this laptop's LCD : (

So my next best option - get an external monitor...

Thank you all for your help


Re: Viao resolution stuck at 1024x768 wrote:
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First of all it is Vaio, not Viao :)

If your laptop has a resolution of 1024x768 then it can NOT go any
higher, unless you use an external monitor. Higher resolution would mean
use less than one physical pixel for each virtual pixel, which AFAIK is
not possible on LCDs. However, on an external monitor, the resolution is
determined buy the monitor's capabilities, your card's memory and the
software drivers, so you can get higher than 1024x768.

Hope this helps

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