Very dim screen on Compaq Armada M700 ??

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I've got a Compaq Armada M700 with a very dim screen.
  You can make out the writing in the background and it seems almost
as if the backlighting is out or something.

Is this an inverter problem (where is the inverter located ??)
  Or is this just a bad screen ??


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Re: Very dim screen on Compaq Armada M700 ??

It's probalby not a bad screen.  Normally it's either a bad inverter
(it's in the lid, usually, but separate from the LCD panel) or bad
lamps.  The lamp or lamps (sometimes one, sometimes two or more) are
inside the LCD panel but not considered to be part of it.  Lamp
replacement varies from very easy, seconds, to impossible without
returning the entire panel to a service depot.

There are some other possibilities (cables, motherboard problems
controlling the backlight) but they are RARE.

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