Vertical lines and garbled text on thinkpad lcd

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I have a Thinkpad A30 laptop that has developed vertical lines all
across the screen.  They come and go but there are at all times at
least 30 lines through the display. The other strange thing is, when
booting, the windows initial boot messages ("Starting Windows"; "For
advanced troubleshooting...") are all garbled with random text.  The
IBM logo that appears via the bios first is also jagged and obviously
having problems.  I cannot boot into windows normally, it stops at a
solid blue screen (just before "Windows is starting up...").  I can get
past this point by booting into safe mode but Windows will randomly
lock up which never happened before this display problem.  I checked
and reseated all the cable connections on the motherboard and LCD and
everything appears to be okay.  If I connect an external monitor to the
laptop it will not display anything.  I've tried two different
monitors.  I've tried toggling back and forth between the LCD and
external monitor using the "fn" key with no luck.  I even tried setting
the bios to "external display", "LCD", and "both".  Nothing works.

Considering the monitor is displaying garbled text and the external
monitor will not work I suspect the video chip set is somehow to blame.

Does anyone have any other suggestions before I spend $200.00 on a
replacement motherboard?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kevin G

Re: Vertical lines and garbled text on thinkpad lcd wrote:
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First thing I'd try is a memory test.
I'm not sure it's still called this, but memtest86 can be downloaded and
configured to boot from floppy or CD.

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