vertical line in LCD...

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- i have tosbiba laptop which have vertical line in LCD of different
how can i solve it....

Re: vertical line in LCD...

On 18/02/2009 09:57, aamir.cool1 wrote:

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Best (but most expensive) solution: take it to a repair shop and get them
to replace the display.

Second best (but can still be expensive) solution: source a second-user
screen from, say, eBay and replace it yourself. Not a task for the
inexperienced but if you're careful it can be done, depending on the model.
Take care around the backlight inverter circuitry -- it contains lethal

Cheap option: take the screen surround apart and gently flex the display
itself (taking care around that inverter!). If you're lucky the fault is a
dry joint on the ribbon cables feeding the display and you'll be able to
briefly 'flex it away'. It's unlikely you'll be able to effect a permanent
electrical repair, but you might be fortunate enough to find a spot between
the display and the case in which a small piece of cardboard or plastic can
be wedged to press the fault away when the case is reassembled. Don't
laugh, for some instances this really does work.

Cheapest option: learn to live with it. If the laptop is old it's probably
not worth considering any of the costly options anyway; it the line is in a
really distracting place it might be time to look at replacing the machine.

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Re: vertical line in LCD...

This is almost always a defective LCD panel.  The only fix is to replace
the panel.

aamir.cool1 wrote:
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