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How much can be recovered from a laptop that is 1 year old?

My laptop was $1,300 when I bought it. Now, the same one only costs
$900 new.
How much is it worth if I resell it?

Re: Value of old laptop

You will get the most from it if it's in pristeen condition and EXACTLY
"as new" .... meaning not just the laptop and ALL accessories, but also
the original box and all internal packing material (bags, foam, etc.).

Last Feb. I bought a Toshiba A105 at Circuit City.  I sold it in July,
pristeen "as new" for MORE than I paid for it (to be fair, I bought it
VERY right ... I bought it for about $200 below it's typical going rate
price when I bought it).

One advantage is that your laptop comes with XP, not Vista.  Getting a
laptop with XP now is getting difficult, although both Dell and Gateway
are now again offering a choice.

You might get most of $900 for it if you can put it back totally "as new".

Do a search on E-Bay for "completed auctions" of the same model.

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Re: Value of old laptop

Yeah, the laptop is in new condition and it has the hard drive restore
so it can be set back like it was when it was new.

I can't sell it as new though because I haven't kept the packaging for
an entire year! As long as I can get a least $800 for it I'll be happy

Re: Value of old laptop

I certainly don't suggest that you represent that it is new when it's
used, but not having the packaging (box and other packing materials)
will reduce what you can get for it by from $50 to possibly as much as
$200.  I normally keep the boxes for all of my electronics as long as I
have the electronics .... I have original boxes for some items that are
more than 2 decades old.  Of course it helps to have a basement.

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Re: Value of old laptop

With that many boxes lying around, I'd wonder if you even have a

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