vaio tx670 laptop not recognizing harddrive

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Hello everyone. My 16 month old laptop stop recognizing the harddrive
or the dvd  drive and it wont boot in to windows anymore. We try to
tide connections inside but the problem did not go away. The harddrive
works well outside the computer and I was able to backup all the data.
Has anyone had this problem?. Would unpuggling the cdrom alone help?
Any suggestion appreciated. Thanks.

Re: vaio tx670 laptop not recognizing harddrive

joe wrote:
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Since the HD works, try running chkdsk /r on the drive while connected
to another Windows computer.  This will repair errors in the master file
table, etc.


Re: vaio tx670 laptop not recognizing harddrive

If the hard drive isn't booting then it won't be loading anything into
RAM and nothing else will work because there are no drivers being

Although you said the hard drive was ok elsewhere and you managed to
retrieve data.... you didn't say if it booted windows from the other
location as opposed from using it as a slave which I assume is what you
have done, just wondering if something happened to the MBR sectors that
boots windows (Master Boot Record)....

..or could it simply be the laptop is not booting into bios, in which
case it could be the bios memory retention battery.... in many laptops
these are sometimes large value capacitors and may not look like a
conventional 'coin cell'.

So think I'd be tempted to try and boot to bios.... you don't need the
hard drive for this, this will prove that it's not a bios boot problem
just to be sure.

What happens when you press that big power button is the bios does a
self test known as POST (Power On Self Test), if ok it'll give a bleep
and you'll get bios boot, the bios then hands control over to the CPU
and then the hard drive loads its data and start up programs into RAM.

If it is a MBR problem there is software knocking about to solve this
issue, whether they are free or not I can't say, simply Google 'MBR

Cheers, hope it helps.


Re: vaio tx670 laptop not recognizing harddrive

joe typed on Thu, 20 Dec 2007 08:26:11 -0800 (PST):
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I don't know what you mean?

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Well it sounds like the hard drive and the CD/DVD drive are fine.
Although how do you know the CD/DVD drive won't boot either? Do you have
a bootable CD/DVD disc to try? If not, then how do you know?

If you added any USB and perhaps firewire devices (idk if the later are
bootable), that could stop both the hard drive and the CD/DVD drive from
booting. Depending on the boot priority settings in the CMOS/Setup. The
quick trick is to remove them then boot and then reconnect them.

If this doesn't help, sounds like the controller for the hard drive and
CD/DVD has failed. This is on most laptops on the motherboard. Which is
very expensive (usually $600 plus) unless you buy a used working one and
replace it yourself (up to $200). There are at least a couple of places
who does laptop motherboard repair for $150 - $200. Sorry I don't have
any links right now.


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