Vaio S360 touchpad problem

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Hi all,

I have kind of a weird problem I'm hoping someone can help me with.

I have a user who has a Sony Vaio VGN-S360 laptop:

1.7 GHz Pentium
Win XP Home SP2

His hard drive crashed a while back. After installing a new disk he
discovered that he had misplaced the Sony Restore disks.

So he used a set of Dell Restore disks instead ( I know).

He was able to get everything working again except the touchpad. After some
unseuccessful effort to fix the problem, he gave up and bought a new laptop.

So, now I'm trying to get the Sony fully functional again. I found a Sony
Restore DVD on the Web, bought it and ran it on the Sony. Seemed to restore
everything to factory except, you guessed it, the touchpad.

The Device Manager reports that it sees the touchpad, but returns a Code
24 - 'This device is not present, is not working properly, or does not have
all its drivers installed' under device status. I have tried restoring the
Sony using both the Sony Restore DVD and doing a straight new XP Pro
install. Code 24 is indicated regardless whether I use the Sony DVD or just
install XP Pro alone from a bootable XP disk. The different result between
the two installs as far as the touchpad goes is what the it is reported as
under Device Manager.

Under XP Pro shows it as a PS/2 compatible mouse and installs whatever
generic PS/2 driver comes with XP.

After the Sony restore DVD finishes up, Device Manager reports it as an ALPS
Wide Pointing Device for Vaio and it is installed with Apoint drivers in the
Program Files\Apoint directory .

Under both installs, I have forced a device uninstall and re-booted. Windows
redetects the presence of the touchpad and attempts to re-install the
hardware. Re-installation fails under both versions of Windows, Sony
Recovered XP Home and straight XP Pro. Both indicate a Code 24 again in the
Device Manager.

Under both OS installs, I have also dowloaded and installed the latest
touchpad device driver and utility from Sony. Still get a Code 24.

So, I'm at a loss except to believe that there is something physically wrong
with the touchpad hardware. The user says that the touchpad worked fine
prior to the hard drive crash, but I can think of nothing else it could be.

If anyone has ever seen this sort of thing before and has a fix, I'd be very

Thanks in advance for any advice,


Re: Vaio S360 touchpad problem

GB wrote:
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It is possible, I suppose, that someone opened the case and stripped the
ribbon cable at the mainboard, not knowing how to release the zif
connector.  Also, do the function keys/camera (if any) work as they
should?  If not, there are proprietary Sony applications and libraries
that might be causing the touchpad problem if they are not installed.
Any touchpad settings in BIOS setup (normally not, but...)  These Sony
items are usually available only on the restore CDs or in the restore
partition on the original drive.



Re: Vaio S360 touchpad problem

Quaoar wrote:
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Hi Q,

Thanks for your input. I know that the case had to have been opened when
the hard disk was replaced. I was told this was done under warranty at
Best Buy where the Sony was originally purchased. For whatever reason,
the techs at that time did not run a restore disk on the machine and
returned it with an empty hard drive. The owner did not have the Sony
restore disks (they were in another bag which had been stolen). So he
tried various things to get the machine up and running with no success.

As the machine had a new drive installed, there was not a recovery
partition to restore from and the original restore disks are lost. I
used a Recovery Disk purchased online for the model laptop I have. That
seemed to fix everything except the touchpad.

I'm going to try re-flashing the BIOS today. Not sure what the BIOS
could have to do with the problem, but I've tried every 'normal' trick I
can think of.

Thanks again for you advice.


Re: Vaio S360 touchpad problem

GB typed on Tue, 22 Jan 2008 10:09:52 -0800:
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Oh no! Don't flash the BIOS! I seriously doubt that will help the
touchpad at all. First of all, using a Dell restore disk for a Sony or
any other make and getting it to work is like unheard of. Normally you
can't get one manufactures CD/DVD to work on the same, even being a
different model number. You are very lucky to get this far.

Second of all, there are two major manufactures of touchpads for
laptops. The most popular one is a Synaptics. I would go there (Google
what their website is) and download their driver. If it doesn't work,
try the other big manufacture (I can't think of it right now). That
might be enough info for now, if not just ask.

email: change kom to com

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