VAIO needs partion work

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I am the reluctant owner of a Sony Vaio PCG-k23 with 2.8Ghz.540 ram
60G hd and two total useless partions that desperately need to be
allocated to C.  Is it necessary to purchase Partion Magic or a
similar product to accomplish this?  I would like to get this done
with the least amount of expense possible. Any suggestions out there?
OS is XP home edition.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

Re: VAIO needs partion work

Generally, yes, you need Partition Magic or a similar program, and I'm
not aware of a good free partition manager that can merge partitions
that I trust (there may be one, but I'm not aware of it; keep in mind
the "that I trust" qualifier). wrote:
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Re: VAIO needs partion work

Barry Watzman wrote:
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Yes, there is one, very similar to Partition Magic in its UI, but more
modern in some regards: Paragon, which is free.

I have also tested the Professional Edition, which has interesting
feature, especially the "Hot Processing Option" which seems to work well
(I cannot say I have fully tested it) and accomplishes the feat of work
on partition containing open files without obliging you to reboot.


John Doue

Re: VAIO needs partion work


If you have an external hard disk you could:

* clone or backup your main internal hard disk partition to the
external drive and then
* wipe and repartition your internal drive and then
* restore the partition backup into the new unified internal disk

Again, this scenario is fraught with accuracy problems, ie: do you
have disk backup s/w that you trust?

I would do it this way since that also gives you a hard disk backup in
case anything goes wrong.
I would use Norton Ghost 2003 for this from a DOS boot disk and the
free fdisk121 utility (also from a DOS boot disk) to wipe and
repartition the disk.
NB: The Ghost 2003 procedure is a bit technical (ie: create DOS boot
disk, install DOS USB drivers or DOS ASPI drivers to write to DVD-RW)
and can be tricky when accessing internal SATA drives. Even though it
boots from DOS it will still read and backup FAT-16, FAT-32 and NTFS
More recent Norton Ghost V9 or V10 will do this for you from within
Windows itself, but Ghost costs money...

Backup software like this is definately a good investment, though,
since it makes a complete image of the hard drive, not just your data
files. After Hard Disk failure you can restore to a new HD and have
your entire system back up and running inside an hour, whereas
reloading Windows and reinstalling all your software can take up to a

I hope this helps.

All the best, from Julian Neeves, JDN Systems.

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Re: VAIO needs partion work wrote:
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I've tried several times to merge the Recovery partition on Vaio
notebooks.  I have never been able to find a partition manager that
would work with its special formatting and resorted to formating the
drives to recover the space.  Partition Magic could not identify the
format; Paragon identified the format but could do nothing with it.


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