VAIO laptop acts funny online

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I've got a brand new Vaio laptop. I'm currently located in Germany but
it's an American computer running on an American plug, put into a

I get online, using Microsoft explorer.  I go to a website. I go to
another website.  After a couple of seconds, of its own accord, the
page goes back to the previous website.

Or I can be typing a message in my email program, happily typing away,
and after 5 minutes, without me doing anything, there's a click and the
page goes back to the previous page, and I lose everything I've done.

Also, the copy/paste buttons work funny. I can copy something using the
[ctrl] c, but when I try to paste it, it's always the *previous item
that I had cut that gets pasted. But, if I go up to the toolbar and use
the mouse to choose cut and paste, then it works.

I'm sure it's some kind of setting that I've got to change - although
why such a setting would exist is beyond me....but where is it, where
do I find it, how do I change it?

Thanks for any help.

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Re: VAIO laptop acts funny online wrote:
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It is likely your palm on the touchpad.  Check the detailed properties
of the touchpad in the mouse control panel.  Turn off "tap to click" so
you have to use the right and left click buttons rather than tapping the


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