Vaio HDD cage

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I've got an old sony vaio FX 201 laptop (duron 700mhz, 10gb hdd, 64mb sdram,
ati rage, cd-rom). The battery life is crap and the system not the fastest
on the block, however i can't afford a new laptop, so thats just the way it

I was gonna upgrade the ram and the hdd for a performance "boost". I've
opened the system up a couple of times and noticed the HDD is inside a cage,
i tried a couple of time to get it out, but i couldn't without taking the
system apart further(taking out cdrom etc.) which i didn't do "cause if its
not broke don't fix it". Has anybody ever messed around inside an fx series,
and how hard is it to remove this HDD. The memory simple enough as it a free
slot i'm gonna use Kingston PC100 128mb sodimm as recommend by their memory

Also are all 2.5" drives the same height and length cause the last thing i
want is to put it in and it doesn't work, and do they all use the same data
interface, I know we got sata and ata for desktops is there a difference for

Finally and HDD recommendations, i'm aiming for a 40GB disk with a 8mb cache
5400rpm, i know its gonna kill the battery but at 45 mins currently i think
i'll manage, lol. I've heard good things about the samsung spinpoint 40gb
model, concern power consumption and noise, but i'm leaning towards seagate
40gb cause of the 5 warranty.

Thanks alot.

last note, will the motherboard recognise a 40gb HDD, cause my plans are
screw if it doesn't, lol.

2600+Sempron (O/C @1.924Ghz)
512Mb DDR 400
9600 pro 128 (O/C @ 425/540)
Gigabyte 7VT600P-RZ mobo with 400mhz fsb
Raidmax cobra case with 420w psu
Dual 12" Blue CCFL
Blue LED fans
"Cheap and very cheerful"

Re: Vaio HDD cage

Veritech wrote:
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There is extensive FX series information in the notebook hardware forum
at .  You can probably find
disassembly instructions there.


Re: Vaio HDD cage

Hi there

I'm running a PCG 941C and got the basics of disassembly to replace the
HD and CD here even if
your model isn't listed you'll get the idea.  As you can get to the
drive cage, remove the  cable from the MB then just unscrew the 4
screws holding it in place and replace the drive (after removing it
from the cage obviously). I put a 40GB drive in so your's should be no
problem. I upgraded to a DVD/CDRW combi at the same time, once it's
open why not? I used a Sony CRX830E 24x24x24 +8x DVD Combi Internal IDE
for Notebooks OEM Black from Micro Direct, fitted easily and works
fine.  My processor is only 533Mhz and the graphics will only use 8Mb,
so playing DVD's is not that great but it works for everything else. I
was going to buy a new one but the upgrades, including a RAM upgrade to
256Mb mean a few more years assuming nothing breaks !!

Hope it all works



Veritech wrote:
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way it
a cage,
if its
a free
thing i
same data
difference for
8mb cache

Re: Vaio HDD cage

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1) you unscrew the speaker cover (lhs) slide and lift out (lay on screen)
2) remove screw for keyboard - slide up and lift bottom of kb
up onto screen
3) peel off ground strap, undo the 4 screws to unsecure the hd caddy - lift
out caddy.
4) Remove 4 screws and take disk out of caddy - replace in reverse order.


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