VAIO FS500 and its memory: makes sense?

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I am hesitating between a Sony Vaio FS500 and a Dell Latitude D810. I have
to do a lot of computation, but I want something portable. The main
thing I have against the Sony is that the Pentium M is listed as having a
FSB of 533MHz, but the memory installed by Sony is DDR333. Seems to me like
you are asking to slow the computer down by doing that. Or am I sadly
mistaken? The only thing I have against the Latitude is the weight (over
8lbs) and the lightness of the keyboard.


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Re: VAIO FS500 and its memory: makes sense?

I thought you might be interested in this link. They just launched. /

Re: VAIO FS500 and its memory: makes sense?

 I would take anything BUT a Dell :) Have a Dell at the moment (had it
for 5 months) so far the DVD has been replaced twice and the battery
once. Other Dell users I've talked with have had problems with quality
(motherboards replaced several times).  So it seems Dell has a huge
problem with quality in their products.

 So basically my 5 cents are that the Dell laptop is a waste of
comlpetely good natural resources ;)

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