Vaio FR130 - D-Link PCMCIA no longer working...

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I've had an FR130 for about 2 years now without any problems.  It has 2
PCMCIA slots and I have always used the bottom one for a D-Link
DWL-650+ wireless card and the top one for an Echo Indigo soundcard --
this is the only way they fit because of the size of the Indigo.  All
of a sudden, the DWL-650+ is no longer recognized if it's in the bottom
slot.  It does work in the top slot.  The Indigo works in either slot.

Any thoughts on what's wrong?  Is it the wireless card or the PCMCIA
slot?  I have an extended warranty for the laptop, but I don't really
expect Best Buy to do anything about it.  What have other people's
experiences been with Best Buy's extended warranties???

Thanks so much in advance...

-- N

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