Vaio BIOS will not detect HD! Help!

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I am working on my fiance's Sony Vaio Laptop (Model: PCG-9B5L). When I
got it, it was getting an "operating system not found error". Also,
BIOS was not detecting a HD. I initially thought well it is a bad HD. I
changed the HD (not very fun, I might add) and same symptoms occured (I
even changed it with a 3rd HD just to make sure). I have checked the
voltages and they are fine, the HD spins upon bootup and other things
like the fan works just fine. Another note, the CD/DVD drive powers up
and is recognized just fine. That is hooked up on the slave,
unfortunatley I cannot try the HD on slave because of connector issues,
the connector that hooks up to the cdrom is much too small. Anyways, if
anyone has any input whatsoever I would appreciate it. I am leaning now
towards a bad motherboard?


John Lazuka

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