VAIO Battery won't charge !!!

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I've got a situation. I own a VGN FS 550, and the issue i have is ...
the battery won't accept charge. The notebook works fine when
connected to AC, but the charge indicator of the battery won't

Eventually, the charge indicator shows 100% of charge. When this
happens, and i switch to batterys, use the pc for a while, and then
switch back to AC, the power indicator shows that the notebooks is
still consuming energy from the battery (the % keeps going down).

Any idea ??? can it be that the battery is damaged ??


Re: VAIO Battery won't charge !!! wrote:
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Battery is likely dying or dead.  Notebook batteries (Lion) are good for
maybe 1000 charge cycles, or max three years use, then are dead.


Re: VAIO Battery won't charge !!!

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More like 300 to 500 *full* charge/discharge cycles (or 600 to 1000 *half*
charge/discharge).  However, it should be quite possible to use those cycles
over a period of 10 years or even more.

Re: VAIO Battery won't charge !!!

M.I.5 schreef:
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Well, it's not only because of wear a battery won't charge. There are
some issues regarding the Acpi and firmware.

I own two Sony BP71 batteries which were discharged only 20 - 30 times.
Keeping them out of the notebook for several months killed them. They
went from 2 hours of use to zero minutes. It seems there's no cure for
:(  Tried the refrigerator, hot water and the like...
Rather costly when you consider the price of 130 each.

Re: VAIO Battery won't charge !!!

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The other thing Li-ion batteries dislike is lack of use.  It is not helped
because in many designs the monitor circuitry itself is powered by the

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