Using Toshiba Satellite M45-S355 Chassis+Motherboard with M45-S359 parts.

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Hello fellow sheek geeks:

My brother has a busted laptop (Toshiba Satellite M45-S359) and we
were able to find out that its the motherboard thats busted.  We were
wondering if it was possible to use another laptops chassis and
motherboard, the Toshiba Satellite M45-S355 specifically, as a sort-of
replacement and use parts from the busted laptop (CPU, RAM, GPU, LCD
Screen, etc...) to build the chassis and motherboard into a "new"

These are the details on the busted laptop (s359):

These are the details on the laptop model whose chassis and
motherboard we want to use (s355):

My brother basically wants to a buy the s355 laptop off of ebay, sans
pretty much everything but the chassis and motherboard (no lcd screen,
no keyboard, no HDD, etc...) as its being sold for the basically the
motherboard.  He then wants to take the parts from his busted laptop
and use them to sort-of restore it, if you will.

Just to be clear, he doesn't want to take this mother board and put
into the laptop with the busted motherboard - he wants to take all of
the major parts from the busted laptop and use them with that
barebones "laptop" he can buy from pretty cheap on ebay.  While that
sound more convoluted, if you think about it, it would actually be far

Ok - now I am pretty sure I have overstated what we intend to do LOL :-

We may do this or we may hire someone to do it - don't have anyone
specific in mind yet, though.

Quoted text here. Click to load it
an expert to verify this before my brother spends the $200-$300 on the
chassis+motherboard.  That's a lot cheaper then what he was second-
hand quoted on for taking the busted laptop and having its mb replaced
using the exact same model.  Once we start hearing "$400+"  we start
thinking that poc desktops could be bought fro around that and why
bother even fixing the laptop to begin with.  But, my brother hates
the idea of a one year laptop breaking (thats how long he had it befor
it went to crap), and if he can use most of its parts in a "new"
lappie - he thinks that would be fantastic.  So do I, for that

Also - if the CPU from one wont go onto the mb of the other; the mb
from ebay actually comes with a cpu attached, although is slightly
slower so we were hoping to use the CPU from his current one.  I
beleive thats the main issue, but also getting a confirmation on the
rest of it would be EXCELLENT.

Thank you ahead of time for any help you can offer us!!!!

-James (& brother John, by-proxy)

Re: Using Toshiba Satellite M45-S355 Chassis+Motherboard with M45-S359 parts.

Probably, almost but not absolutely certainly.

Normally, if the model is the same (M45), you can do what you want even
though the configuration suffix (the "S" number) is different.  In a
very few cases, however, models have been made in which different
configuration suffixes were drastically different.  For example,
reportedly, different configuration units of the A105 were made by 3
different subcontractors with totally different internal parts, and I
know for a fact that some A105's were 15 volt units while others were 19
volt units.  But this is the exception, and more commonly all
configurations of the same base model number are very similar with
largely interchangeable parts. wrote:
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