Using TFT for new project?

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Hi folks,

A quick 'blue sky' question...

I'm trying to design an inexpensive exhibit for the charity I work for.
The plan is to use a commercial 'open frame' TFT screen (12.1" most
likely - SVGA or XGA) to mount underneath a cutout metal panel.

This is all fine, but the cost of open frame TFTs is pretty high, and I
was wondering whether there is any way to run a laptop TFT screen
(either a TFT sold as a replacement, or one 'borrowed' from a
second-hand laptop) from the video-out of a desktop PC?

Laptop TFT screens presumably use a low voltage power input - this
would be especially useful in the 'moist' environment the display will
find itself.

Any ideas?


Toby Marsden

Re: Using TFT for new project? wrote:
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An open frame TFT with built-in SVGA interface is gonna cost you
a pretty penny.  If you only need one, get a used laptop with adequate
display and put the whole thing in there.  That way, you have multiple
ways to interface it.  I once bought a kisok with MAC powerbook inside.

Moisture is BAD no matter what technology you use.  Good news is that
it's easier to seal a TFT due to lower heat removal requirements.

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Re: Using TFT for new project?

It's possible, but usually not economically feasible.

There are only 6 functional parts to a desktop LCD monitor:

-the LCD panel (with lamps)
-the backlight inverter to power the lamps
-the video card, converts video (VGA and/or DVI) to drive panel
-control panel board (contains the 4 to 8 user input menu buttons)
-power supply
-connecting cales (often VERY specialized)

It's possible (difficult, but possible) to find these on your own and
assemble them together.  Everything has to "match", which is a huge part
of the issue.  When you are done, you will probably spend more than a
new desktop display would cost, and you won't have any enclosure.

[In your situation, it might be easier/cheaper to simply buy a desktop
LCD monitor and take it apart.] wrote:

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Re: Using TFT for new project?

Hi Barry,

Thanks for this. I don't know how easy it is to get 10.4"/12.1" desktop
displays, but it might well be worth a look.

Thanks again,


Re: Using TFT for new project?

Try wrote:
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Re: Using TFT for new project?

I actually have a 12.1" TFT screen color monitor. It would be ideal
for your project. Nice black/dark grey case too.

But, I'm in the US and it wouldn't be practical due
to the shipping costs.

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