Using laptops w/ no battery?

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    Is it possible to use a laptop + AC adapter w/o having a
battery plugged in, or having a dead battery in the laptop?  Since the
battery is a LI-ION battery, doesn't it have a limited number of
charges, like the Ipods do (400 times).  I was wondering if I should
unplug the battery whenever I can plug my laptop into an electrical
outlet to avoid constantly recharging the battery when it is already
fully charged.

    For the record, I have a Gateway MX6030, but the manual
doesn't cover that case.

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Re: Using laptops w/ no battery?

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Is there some reason you think it would not be so?  What stops you
trying it? Would you raise such a question about a transistor radio?

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Oh, brilliant, Moriarty.


Re: Using laptops w/ no battery?

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Depends on your priorities. If you mainly keep it on charge, your battery life
will shorten slightly because of an extra heat exposure. OTOH:
I had battery lasting 2.5 years on a simialr Gateway system - almost
always being plugged. When it died, I bought a new one for $140.
So it comes down to whether you are willing to pay less then five
bucks per month for the convenience of not thinking about it and not
engaging in a silly ritual of swapping the battery in and out all the time.

Since no battery would last 2X longer then mine did (when in use),
make it about $2/mo extra. Well worth it IMHO


Re: Using laptops w/ no battery?

On Sun, 15 Jan 2006 23:43:32 -0800, Ablang

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    The battery won't keep charging. Lithium Ion batteries have
circuits to monitor their charge state because if they overcharge they
can ignite.
    The only issues are: some laptops default to the lowest Speedstep
mode if they don't detect a battery, and the excess heat of sitting
inside a laptop that's always on AC will gradually degrade the
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