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Re: Using laptop as full time "desktop"?

Roland Mösl typed on Sat, 15 Mar 2008 19:08:38 +0100:
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Let's see, my Gateway MX6124 ('06 era) has a 11V 4800ma battery. No
watts or anything is stated. So it can usually run 2½ hours on a full

4.8A / 2.5 = 1.92AH draw from the laptop
11V x 1.92AH = 21.12 watts during average use

So if my laptop only used 1.6 watts in suspend, it would mean:

21.12 / 1.6 = 13.2 x 2.5 hours or 33 hours to take a full charged
battery to zero on standby.

Yes that sounds about right to me. As that is like a 20% drop in
capacity every 6 hours. Although I think mine is closer to about 15% or
less per 6 hours on standby. Oh shoot! I have 1GB of RAM now. When it
was new it only had 512MB. That will change the drain on the battery for
sure, even in standby. :-(

Now compare this to my old Toshiba 2595XDVD ('99 era). Same size battery
and all. Same run time too. Although it would only last about 6 hours in
standby mode with a full charge. I think it drains more than when it was
new since it has a third battery called a RAM backup battery which is
long shot. The idea was you could pull the main battery out for 30
minutes while you swap the main battery in suspend mode. And I think the
main battery is still trying to charge that shot battery. So extra


Re: Using laptop as full time "desktop"?

On Mar 11, 9:58=A0pm, wrote:
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Just like what others have said and have done ever since, what I do
is  remove the battery, and add a cooling pad (with motor driven
fans)  underneath . There you can run your laptop like a desktop
without worrying about  overheating.
A lot of people believe that a laptop is self contained, but if you
use it( continuously like a desktop) there comes a time that the
surface can be very warm and can be uncomfortable  and might make you
worry that your toy may not last long; but if you have such cooling
contraption underneath you will see no difference if the unit was just
run for a short time or the whole day.It feels comfortable to use all
the time.
Aside from that
You can use any availabe table top  for such .

Re: Using laptop as full time "desktop"?

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OK...sound like a cooling pad is a must if running
laptop like a desktop then

Re: Using laptop as full time "desktop"? typed on Fri, 14 Mar 2008 11:18:57 -0500:
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Mine has no fan (besides the laptop itself. But I must have the lid
cracked open. Otherwise the laptop gets really warm. Like my hard drive
for example usually keeps under 120°F / 49° C with the lid open.

Gateway Celeron M 370 (1.5GHZ)
MX6124 (laptop) w/1GB
Windows XP Home SP2
Intel(r) 910GML (64MB shared)


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