Using an Epson S3 Projector with a Gatway MK6543 Laptop

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The laptop is running with XP (media) and has an ATI video display card
capable of handling two monitors. If I hook up the S3, my laptop shows a
normal desktop on its (main) screen, and the projector shows the background
(wallpaper) on the desktop but no icons.

If I open a window, say, with MWP, then MWP shows in the laptop view. To see
it on the projection screen, I have to pull MWP over to it. To operate MWP
then, I need to put the cursor in the projection (extended) screen. This
seems on one hand OK, but on the other not OK. I'd really like to see
everything from the laptop and the extended window on the projection screen.
Is it possible? So far I've had no luck doing that.

An oddity of the above arrangement is that when MWP is playing a DVD. If I
pause the DVD, the video disappears, although WMP is very much visible. If I
put WMP back in the main (laptop) screen and try the same thing, then a
pause shows the frame where I've paused. That I don't like. Is there a solution.

Oddly, if I close WMP in the extended screen, and then fire it up again, it
appears in the extended screen. It seems like it should always begin in the
main screen.

No amount of twiddling with the (two) checkboxes provided on the Display
Properties dialog seems to solve any of the last two oddities, or the first
"like to see"  above in paragraph 2.

                          Wayne Watson (Nevada City, CA)

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Re: Using an Epson S3 Projector with a Gatway MK6543 Laptop

W. Watson typed ON Thu, 10 Jan 2008 22:06:18 -0800:
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When I use my laptop with an external monitor, everything shows on the
main screen. Except the background and application window you drag off
of the main screen to the right. Keep in mind, some applications like
some TV tuners, DVD players and such sometimes doesn't support extended

Yes most applications will reopen on the monitor is was closed on last.

Yes you should be able to use both screens and display the same same
thing. Which I believe you want to do right? Just uncheck extended
monitor under display properties. If that doesn't work, try the function
key and the blue monitor looking icon (mine is on the F4 key). Does any
of this help?

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Re: Using an Epson S3 Projector with a Gatway MK6543 Laptop

BillW50 wrote:
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I went through almost every conceivable combination of checkboxes on the
Properties for display (it really may only be  that four are possible) with
an Epson tech and got nowhere. Done the Fn/F4 routine too.  I think I'm just
going to have to live with it. It may be some peculairity of Epson and XP.
At least, I can get the image on the extended screen. I had another laptop
several years ago, and I don't recall this much difficulty. A Winbook. I was
hoping someone with an identical setup might pop-up. Gateway tech support is
useless. I recall getting some help from their Geek Squad a year ago, but
all the idiosyncrasies of it were not yet apparent.

                          Wayne Watson (Nevada City, CA)

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