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Does this annoy anyone else or am I the only one?

Whenever I get a new computer - laptops are the worst, but it seems to
be a general rule - the largest and most complete user's guides are
for the most unimportant and simplest components. You can be sure that
the loudspeaker will come with a thick book in at least four
languages, but you're lucky if the system box has any instructions at

I've just taken delivery of a new Dell Latitude D420. I can't say
whether I like it or not, but I will say that it took 20 minutes to
work out how to turn it on! It comes with a base station ("Media
Base"). Needless to say, this optional extra comes with a good thick
guide and diagrams of all of the many connectors and switches. The
power adapter has several guides and warnings for different countries.
But the box itself - absolutely nothing.

It has a switch on the side with and O and a I - but this is NOT the
power switch. Apparently it turns WiFi connectivity on and off. I
think you can remove the battery, but I'm not sure. The touchpad has a
couple of spare buttons - what are they for? Search me. How long does
the battery last? Clue: The Dell site says it has "a long battery
life" - but is this 5 minutes, 5 hours, or 5 days? And how can I find
out? Apparently I can expand the DDR2 RAM - but this is no use to me
because I've no idea how to open the box. And so on and on.

A simple PDF with diagrams showing the various parts would go a long
way to making the computer usable! I've singled out the D420 because
that's what I have, but I am sure other notebooks are no better.
Desktops might be just as bad - but at least with them being so much
bigger, things like the power switch are more obvious (although Dell
again like to disguise the power switch as much as possible).

Re: User's guides for Laptops

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The manuals:

Re: User's guides for Laptops wrote:

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Thanks, this is really helpful. Apparently the quick reference guide is
an option, and obviously my employer has chosen not to take it (or maybe
the hardware support people here have kept it).

Still, it does annoy me that for some reason the people who make
loudspeakers, mice, etc. seem to think that you need a guide the size of
Encyclopedia Brittanica, but there's usually minimal documentation for
the main item.

Re: User's guides for Laptops

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Yes but it is usually in 45 different languages and is really only 3 pages.

Re: User's guides for Laptops

Pingle99 wrote:
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No, it's just you.

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