use Laptop in SE Asia

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Hi all
I am an American and intend to travel/work  for an extended period of time
in SE Asia

How do I confirm if my laptop power supply will work on the power ratings of
other countries ?

I will not be travelling with a UPS so I am worried about electrical damage
to the laptop.
Can a laptop be damaged by a power surge when it is turned off but the
battery is charging ?


Re: use Laptop in SE Asia

In case you are traveling to Japan, it's alright to use a 110V power,
and if you wanna goto China, a 220V power is needed.

Re: use Laptop in SE Asia

You do not need a UPS, but you can get a surge protector oriented towards

A few weeks ago, I was investigating such things.

At that time, only APC was selling a surge protector for notebooks that
included an ethernet port, as well as a phone port.
The critters are very small and designed for travel.

-- /; See Howard Kaikow's web site.
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Re: use Laptop in SE Asia

On Fri, 31 Dec 2004 08:03:12 -0500, wrote

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My Dell I8200 worked fine in Thailand (220/50).  The only thing I needed was
a plug adapter.  (They have these two pronged plugs not similar to our two
blade/1 prong plugs).  Otherwise no problem.

I had some strange charging issues in the Singapore airport (230/50).  I'm
not sure if it had to do with Singapore's power, my power adapter or if it
was simply a fluke that had to do with the airport lounge that I was plugging
into to.

I hope this helps.

Re: use Laptop in SE Asia

Read the power ratings on your charger. Just about all laptop power supplies
today will work internationally with only a plug adapter. The value of a
surge protector is up to your own interpretation.....

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Re: use Laptop in SE Asia

I agree.  I don't think any countries in SE Asia use anything other than
110/220.  Most laptop power supplies have a switch or are rated for up to
240.  If yours can use 220, all you HAVE to get is a set of plug
adaptors--they could be different in each country.  Good hotels will usually
have one to loan you, but you're better off with your own.   Many of these
kits also come with a voltage converter, which would be usefull for other
electrical appliances that you take along, that don't switch from 220 to
110.  As for the surge protector, that's a great idea, because the
electricity in many of these countries is very dirty (a small UPS is not a
bad idea if you can afford the weight).  If you're going to Indonesia, I'd
recommend a UPS--the power there is fairly unreliable, lots of brown-outs
and black-outs.

What I do is plug a heavy duty voltage converter into the wall, using my one
adaptor for that country, and then plug a 6 outlet surge protector into
that.  Then I can plug everything into the surge protector.  Otherwise you
have to buy muliple plug adaptors (if you have printers, external devices,
pda chargers, phone chargers, shavers, etc.).  Note however, that most of
the voltage converters that come in the travel kits can't handle anything
major--don't have 3 or 4 things working at once or try to use a hair dryer
or something like that.

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