USB HDD to network Drive

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I have a external USB HDD. It needs power externally, it does not draw
power from USB. I was just wondering if I can attach a USB 2.0 54MBPS
ADAPTER 802.11G to it then will I be able to access it through a
network. will it become a network drive for me.

Please let me know. I think this won't work. Do we get any special
external case that will make a HDD an network drive for me.

- Vinay.

Re: USB HDD to network Drive wrote:
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I don't think that will work. If it does, I have a lot of USB drives I
would like to do that for. Although if you connect it up to a computer
on the network and share it, that will work. As that is what I am doing

Now there is nothing stopping manufactures from making a router say for
example, to support a USB drive on it. I have a router that supports a
USB printer, but no USB hard drive.


Re: USB HDD to network Drive


USB is a host/client configuration (Master/slave might be good words to
use here).  In your case, both your USB hard drive and your USB WiFi
adapter are "client" (slave) devices.  There would be no master, and it
wouldn't work. wrote:

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