Upgrading Travelmate 2420?

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Hi, My daughter was just given an Acer Travelmate 2420 by her friend
who's upgraded to a Mac laptop.
The Travelmate 2420 has a Celeron M CPU and 40GB HD. I know it can be
upgraded to 2GB of RAM and I hope it can accept a several hundred GB
hard drive. If I do upgrade the memory and HD, will the laptop have
the capacity to run graphics and video editing software reasonably
well, or will the Celeron M processor not be up to that level of task?
Dick Treen

Re: Upgrading Travelmate 2420?

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The weak link here for video editing is the Celeron CPU. Assuming it works
at all with the latest video editing software - and you should check it out
beforehand with a trial of one of the common consumer programs - it will be
agonizingly slow at rendering a video project. No amount of added memory or
hard drive space will compensate for that. Also, if you plan to capture
video from a tape-based camcorder, you will need a firewire port on the

Re: Upgrading Travelmate 2420?

iws typed on Mon, 5 May 2008 12:52:35 -0700:
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I have two of the following:

Gateway Celeron M 370 (1.5GHZ)
MX6124 (laptop) w/1GB
Windows XP Home SP2 (60GB HD)
Intel(r) 910GML (64MB shared)

And I do video editing with it (WinDVR v1.8 and a TV tuner card -
KW-TVUSB506RF-PRO) and it is so much better than my older:

HP AMD Athlon 1.2 GHZ
512MB of RAM (Desktop)
Windows XP Home SP2
NVIDIA GeForce2 MX400 (64MB installed)

Games and flight simulators run so much better on this Celeron M too vs.
that older AMD with a NVIDIA video card.


Re: Upgrading Travelmate 2420?

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Thanks, I'll take the upgrade route. The cost will be small compared
with buying a new,  low-end notebook.
Dick Treen

Re: Upgrading Travelmate 2420?

treenoakio@googlemail.com wrote:
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Factor the cost of the RAM upgrade and HD upgrade against the cost of a
new notebook.  Notebook price/performance is substantially less than it
was even two years ago.  You might be surprised.

The Celeron CPUs are ok, but you can get a dual core, either Intel or
AMD, that will smoke that Celeron into the ground.

If you do nothing more than email and web, then I wouldn't spend a cent
on that notebook since you will not notice the difference in performance
with either a RAM or HD upgrade.


Re: Upgrading Travelmate 2420?

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Thanks for the input. The RAM upgrade is surprisingly inexpensive and
the hard drive can always be tranferred to a new use later. I'm not
expecting amazing results but might find it's been worth a punt.
Dick Treen

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