Upgrading the Compaq V2000

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I've had "The Precious" for about 6 months now and have been fairly
satisfied with it.   It's the first laptop (notebook) I've ever bought.
I did some research and found it fit my needs and, of course, budget.
Now I'm looking to upgrade.

I've been checking the internet for a battery and find there is a
12-cell that would give me about 2 to 3 hours more life.  But is it
wrong not to want to spend a $100+ for a battery?

Anyway, I noticed some V2000's have some things that mine doesn't, like
a multi-card reader, JBL speakers (mine are actually pretty good, Altec
Lansings), and maybe some other stuff.  Does anyone know where (or if)
I can buy these to install in my laptop?  One disappointment is the
wi-fi card built into my system.  It tends to lose or have a weak
signal even at home.  But I can't find info on it and would like to
upgrade if possible.

Let me know if you have some ideas or experience with this.


Re: Upgrading the Compaq V2000

Generally, the things (and types of things) that you mentioned are not
upgradeable.  That doesn't mean it's absolutely impossible (it may or
may not be ... probably isn't), but so many unavailable parts (many of
them small) are required, and possibly a different case or motherboard,
that trying to do it is usually not feasible.  Better solution:  Sell
the one you have and buy the better model.  Sure, it will probalby cost
you (although on occasion I've gotten enough for the old model to fully
cover the upgrade model), but supposed that EASY, STRAIGHTFORWARD
upgrade kits were available from compaq for each of the upgrades you
want:  They still wouldn't be free.

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