upgrading laptop to core 2 duo

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I have a toshiba A135-2386 laptop which I think has 945pm express
chipset. It has ddr2 mem and 533MHz FSB and T2080 core duo cpu.

Is it possible to upgrade my processor to core 2 duo?

Also, it has a ATI Radeon XPress 200M video card. Is that upgradable?


Re: upgrading laptop to core 2 duo

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Best I can say is Maybe.

this is your current processor.

http://processorfinder.intel.com/Details.aspx?ProcFam=2848&sSpec=sl9vy&OrdCode =

these are the core 2 mobiles
http://processorfinder.intel.com/List.aspx?ProcFam=2643&sSpec=&OrdCode =

Only some of which will fit in the socket (Micro-FCPGA).

Of those, only 2 have the same 533mhz bus speed.


You will note that the clock speeds on these are less than or equal to
your present processor.

There is a performance improvement with the core 2, for the same clock
speed, but i don't remember how much.

I haven't even touched on whether or not these chips will be
compatible with your laptop. If toshiba knows, they're not telling.
I'm seeing no reference that model with anything other than a pentium
dual core (not a core duo). My guess would be 'no'., leave it alone.

Re: upgrading laptop to core 2 duo

The only way to know is to try it.  There really is no other way.

Actually, I take that back ......

You can't upgrade.

The ATI Radeon XPress 200M video card is part of an ATI chipset.  Your
laptop has an ATI chipset rather than an Intel chipset.  I don't THINK
that this chipsets supports Core 2 Duo at all, however I'm a bit less
than 100.0% sure of that.  I almost bought that model at Best Buy last
week (it was on sale at a fantastic price) until I found out that it had
a non-intel chipset.

vinod wrote:
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Re: upgrading laptop to core 2 duo

Thanks for the information.

I now started to realize core duo vs. core 2 duo will not make much

Shouldn't have gone for a 1280x800 display with ATI 200M when I could
have gone for a better display and a better graphics card. I can see
the impact of this underperforming graphics card when I have my TV as
my second display at 1024x768 resolution and the driver has to reset
itself every once in a while.

Now I am thinking, is this display actually capable of a higher

I mean, I got this laptop for $4xx when my old laptop's display broke
(liquid in LCD got dispursed after a fall). I have the 2gig ram from
the old laptop. So everything else is fast enough for me ( I run
ubuntu with virtual box and runs just fine).

I really dont mind experimenting with a different system board with a
better graphics chipset if possible. Will have to read more to find


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Re: upgrading laptop to core 2 duo

In general, changing the system board or the video adapter of a laptop
is not an option.

vinod wrote:
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