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I would like to upgrade my processor on my laptop, Averatec 5400 ser.
I have the AthlonXP-m 2800+, can't find out who makes my motherboard,
on the board I found this on it.(AN5 MB 50-70956-04), does anyone know
who makes this board,really need the help, called Averatec,but get no

Re: Upgrade Averatec cpu

banderz777 wrote:
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Averatec "sources" their notebooks directly from China, Inc.  Averatec
is a marketer, having few or no design and support services of their
own. You will likely never find a definitive identity for the mainboard
unless you have access to the Chinese assemblers directly. That being
writ, there are few or none of any laptop brand that a user can
reasonably upgrade a CPU.  Note that I'm not even addressing the
relative difficulty of *finding* an upgraded CPU that will work.

Focus your energies on a new, state-of-the-art laptop that, likewise,
cannot be upgraded.


Re: Upgrade Averatec cpu

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I disrecommend processor upgrades on laptops. There are several

1) Pain in  the butt. (as you already have taken the machine apart far
enough apart to read the writing on the board, you might as well
ignore this one : ) )

2) As you found out, no easy way to find out what replacements are

3) You need to just about double the processor speed to make a
noticeable difference.

4) faster processors in the same family usually mean more heat, which
is particularly troublesome in a laptop, where upgrading the cooling
system to compensate is nigh impossible.

4a) Changing the family of processor decreases the likelihood that a
replacement will be compatible.

5) You often have to upgrade the bios to support a faster processor.

That said, if you want to make  an educated guess, choose one with one
in the same class.

Other sources point to the processor being an XP-M 'dublin'. And there
really isn't much room at the top. (just to 3100+, and you'd never


Your computer is a wal-mart special. Beware! Many reposts of problems
with XP SP2, among others.
(just google your model and skim the results, you'll see)

if your current processor is dead, you might as well replace it. But i
wouldn't upgrade this one, if it works.

You might get more use out of a RAM upgrade.

Re: Upgrade Averatec cpu

Want to thank you both for the comments, I think I will just upgrade my

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