Updated story: Don't buy Averatec! (AV3715)

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Readers might recall that I posted directions on how to disassemble the
AV3715 laptop after mine died. Well, I got it back from being RMAd, and
I can say with absolute confidence that I was a fool to buy an Averatec
machine. But at least I can warn others to stay away from these evil
charlatans, these amateur qualification-out-of-a-cereal-box engineers,
these unmitigated bandits. I'd say stronger things, but unfortunately
in my experience the entire retail computer industry isn't
significantly better.

The full story, and the disassembly photos/directions are at:


A brief highlight:

I received the machine back after about two weeks of downtime. They had
replaced the motherboard - which is fine. Unfortunately they also
tightened one of the screws too far and damaged the bottom case
plastic, and worse than that, they also created a "hot spot" on the
LCD. By this I mean a deformity in the reflector, which appears as a
bright fuzzy patch if the affected area is filled with a uniform color.
I opened the LCD part of the laptop to look, and this hot spot is
right where the LCD data cable is taped to the back of the LCD. So the
hot spot was probably caused by their ham-fisted tech putting the
machine upside-down onto something on his desk, thereby putting
pressure on the LCD panel.

Note, by the way, that Averatec is one of those "companies that does
not exist" - the address they gave me to send the RMA'd laptop is
actually the address for Twinhead. So the laptop is OEMed for them and
the mighty corporate infrastructure of Averatec probably consists
entirely of two guys, a receptionist and a lhasa apso working out of
their basement.

To summarize this experience:

* Incredibly low-quality product from a shell company.
* Utter disinterest and lack of proactive help from the retailer.
* Incompetent technical support.
* Careless technicians who should be fired and sent back to flipping
* Slow service, to boot.


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