Update: < $150 for Sony LCD GRX600 repair/replacement

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Sony legal has contacted me.  She explained that she was responding to an
escallation by a member of her service team. We have so far negotiated that
Sony will reimburse my cost of repair with a 3rd party that was to be $150.
Since my repair was not yet started, I preferred to have Sony do the repair,
if they could do it for the same price.  Which I also expected them to
reimburse :-)

Meanwhile, I received an automated reply from my contact (who is traveling)
that says to me that maybe it wasn't internal escallation, but my complaint
to the Attorney General (s), yes three Secretary of States (Florida,
Illinois, California)

This is her automated reply, with her names/phone numbers removed.

"f this is an urgent consumer issue please contact xxxxxxxxxxx at
xxx-xxx-xxxx. For Small Claims and Attorney General Complaints needing
immediate attention please contact xxxxxxxx at xxx-xxx-xxxx. For all HPD
Advertising Review please contact xxxxxxxxxxxxx."
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