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Hi all. I am looking to upgrade my current laptop, Panasonic CF-73, with
something new. Unfortunately, after literally looking at every review on
line I could find, and going to many different computer stores, I am very
disappointed with everything I see.

I really do not care about performance, as most of what I do on my laptop
is typing, programming, and photo editing. And, contrary to popular belief
you really do not need a dual core CPU to do any of that. Any way, I was
wondering if there is a place to find some information on upcoming laptops.  

What I am looking for is a nice looking unit that's between 4 and 5, but no
more then 5 lb. With ability to put 2 batteries in it, so I can get at
least 10 hours out of it, wide screen, and a magnesium or aluminum or
carbon body. Basically a slightly smaller copy of what I have now with a
wide screen.

My closest option right now is Fujitsu LifeBook P7120, but it's too small.
It has a very nice case, 14 hours on 2 batteries (one in the optical drive
bay), and wide screen. Basically my dream laptop would be like that but
about 20% bigger over all, so I could actually see the screen and type on
the thing.

Any ideas? Any one know of something interesting coming up that I should
wait for?


 - Bogdan

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