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I received this Clevo 2300T laptop and it just doesn't seem stable to use.
It kept restarting, so I did a fresh install of WinXP and got the same
problem. I figured I give Linux a try so I installed Ubuntu 5.10 and it
would simply freeze. Both the restarting and freezing would occur roughly 10
to 15 minutes after startup.

Any ideas on what the problem could be and how I could fix it???

I understand it's a somewhat flimpsy brand, but I still would like to use it
and have it more stable.


P.S. - Specs: 1.2 GHz Celeron, 256 RAM, 20 gig HD, CD-ROM drive, ~12"
display... it's a relatively compact laptop

Re: Unstable Clevo

Just Another wrote:
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More information will be good: in WinXP, what exactly happens when
"unstable"?  If there is a BSOD, what *exactly* is the error message?
What do Event Viewer (Administrative Tools control panel) logs show for
warnings and errors?  When you open System Properties control panel,
Hardware tab, Device Manager, what, if any, devices have yellow or red


Re: Unstable Clevo

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 Probably some HW driver is causing trouble.

 Event viewer should help figure it out.


Re: Unstable Clevo

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To help rule out memory issues, try running Memtest86 (www.memtest86.com)
on a bootable CD.

Clevo is not a flimsy brand.  They are one of a handful of manufacturers in
world who makes laptops for other companies.
Virtually none of the "Name" brands manufacture their own laptops, with the
only exceptions being IBM, Asus, Twinhead and Apple, and even IBM, Twinhead
and Apple do not make all of their own.

All of the rest buy their laptops from what is called an Original Design
Manufacturer (ODM). These ODMs sell their computers to several different
OEMs who then install the Hard Drive, Processor, System Memory, etc. They
then put their label on it and market it.

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