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Was running win2k on two partitions on a Dell C-500 Laptop. Just
reformatted HD and unpartition and installed win2k on the one and now
on boot up it give me 30 secs to select which ver of win2k do I want to
start. I looked for a boot.ini to delete but seach couldn't find one.
Any suggestions please...

Re: Unpartitioned HD Question

On 20 Feb 2005 09:57:46 -0800, denglish48060@gmail.com wrote:

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boot.ini is a HIDDEN system file.

Re: Unpartitioned HD Question

Thanks Bobb, So do I just delete it or edit?

Re: Unpartitioned HD Question

denglish48060@gmail.com wrote:

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First rename the file for instance to "boot.old". Then
Edit it and remove the line under "operating systems" that points to the
now non-existant partition (should be the line with the highest number
after "partition"). Make sure the line starting with "default" points to
the remaining partition. Save as boot.ini and reboot.
In case you run into some problem, you can always edit again the
boot.old file, and save it again as boot.ini.


John Doue

Re: Unpartitioned HD Question

Thanks John, There were two references to two partitions under
"Default". Renamed .old as you suggested and copied this file and
renamed it back to .ini file. Just deleted the last line under
"Default" and it booted correctly. Beats me after completely removing
all partitions, reformatted and installing Win2k, it even knew or even
had this boot.ini file....   Know why??

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