Uniden TRU8885-2 cordless phone on sale for $100

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Radio Shack's 43-3887, which is a rebranding of the Uniden TRU8885-2
5.8 GHz DSS multi-handset cordless telephone/answering machine, is on
sale this month for just under $100. No rebates, no hassles, no
nonsense, just go in and buy the phone at the advertised price. :)

I don't know how I sound to my callers (haven't asked yet), but they
come through very clear. I tested the handset range (which is much
greater than my previous 900 MHz Panasonic) by putting one on intercom
to the base, which I've located near my stereo speakers. Music is a
good test of any audio system-- the sound quality from the stereo,
through the base microphone and to the handset was remarkable. I've
read reviews that claim DSS makes voices sound "disembodied" or robot-
like-- that isn't the case with this phone.

I haven't dropped a handset yet, so I have no idea how rugged they are.

See the phone at

Lots of customer reviews on Amazon:
(Amazon.com product link shortened)

Thought y'all might like to know... :)


Re: Uniden TRU8885-2 cordless phone on sale for $100

Sorry about that, it was supposed to go to misc.consumers. Verizon
doesn't allow us to post cancels... :(

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