UDMA 100 USB harddrive enclosure?

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My parents' old Gateway laptop case broke and can no longer receive
power - but before the battery died I validated the harddrive was
working properly.  I can get the laptop fixed for about $100 but we're
not really interested in the laptop, only the data on the harddrive.
(Yes, we've had the "backup" discussion with them yet again...).

I found USB harddrive enclosures online for $20-$40 but am having
troubles finding one for this connector.  The harddrive is apparently
UDMA/100 (had to ask a friend who works at Radio Shack since its not
apparent from the harddrive case!) - it has a connector I've never
seen that is a slot with 22 contacts on either side for a total of 44
- definitely not the "pin" type that all of the USB harddrive
enclosures that I have seen are.  What's also frustrating is that
every picture I see online for the Seagate Momentus 40GB show pins
rather than the slot!  What's up here?  Perhaps this is an older
version that uses an out-of-date connector?

Does such an enclosure exist?  If not, is there a way to hook-up a
cable that would do the same thing as the enclosure?

Seagate Momentus 40 GB
     SN:  3KW3RPX6
     Model:  ST94811A
     PN:  9Y1082-033
     HDA PN:  100314974


Any help would be appreciated.

Re: UDMA 100 USB harddrive enclosure?

On Wed, 16 Sep 2009 08:22:02 -0700 (PDT), Richard Guse

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Well, you don't really need an enclosure to recover the data. However,
if you want to keep using the drive as an external USB device, then of
course you do want an enclosure. They are available for your drive,
although they might be a bit difficult to find. I'd suggest trying one
of the large online stores like Newegg. I bought a 2 1/2 inch drive
enclosure for an old 6 GB drive years ago. so I know they are
available. What you have probably been looking at are enclosures for
SATA drives, which are much different. Look for an enclosure for an
IDE drive. Something like this:


Re: UDMA 100 USB harddrive enclosure?

Richard Guse typed on Wed, 16 Sep 2009 08:22:02 -0700 (PDT):
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Does it look like this?


That looks like a standard PATA connector to me. And $20 to $40 for an
enclosure sounds high to me. As the ones I buy are like $10 to $20.

Gateway MX6124 ('06 era) - Windows XP SP2

Re: UDMA 100 USB harddrive enclosure?

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Upon closer inspection (and application of force) I determined there
was a converter-type gadget connected to the pins that made it look
like the connector on the back of the harddrive was of a "slot" type.
No doubt to connect into the original laptop.  Problem solved.  With
this "adapter" off it shows he standard 2-rows of pins and all is

Thanks for the help!

Re: UDMA 100 USB harddrive enclosure?

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the "connecter" is probably just an adapter. Pull it off and you will have
your pins

Re: UDMA 100 USB harddrive enclosure?

What you THINK is the hard drive isn't; it's the hard drive's CADDY.
The hard drive comes out of the caddy, and once separated will have a
standard connector.  There are only two laptop hard drive connectors
that have ever been used, going all the way back to the 1980's.  These
are the 44-pin laptop hard drive IDE connector and, only in the last 4
years or so, the SATA connector (which happens to be the same as a
desktop SATA drive connector).  NO ONE EVER made or used a proprietary
or non-standard 2.5" laptop IDE hard drive.

That said, be a bit careful because you don't want to disassemble the
hard drive, rather, you want to remove it from it's caddy (or possibly
"connector adapter" .... a few mfgrs. used just a small "part" to
"adapt" the standard connector of the drive itself to their motherboard
connector.  But the drive itself was still standard.

Richard Guse wrote:
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