Two network cards in one laptop

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I have a laptop with two pcmcia slots.  In one slot is a ethernet card I

use to surf at home on my network.

The other slot has a modem but since I don't have dial up I would like
to add a wireless card to that slot so when I go to a coffee house or
library I can use the wireless access point.

I was wondering if it is possible to have both installed at the same
time or will this cause a conflict?

I use windows 2000 on one partition and Linux Xandros on the other in a
dual boot and I would like to be able to use the wireless in both OS.



Re: Two network cards in one laptop

Jeanette wrote:
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For windows you can add as many (PCMCIA) NICs as you can stack in your
laptop. They will be auto detected, but make sure you have the drivers

For Linux: if your PCMCIA slots work and you have Linux drivers for the
NICs: you will have to configure them manually...

Good luck

Leo MM

Re: Two network cards in one laptop

MegaMad wrote:
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It seems to be getting confused its freezing on boot


Re: Two network cards in one laptop

Jeanette wrote:
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Freezing with a wireless card in one slot? Some cards want the driver
installed before the card is inserted the first time.


Re: Two network cards in one laptop

"MegaMad" <"megamad A wanadoo D nl"> wrote in message
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Do you know how to manually enable/disable each nic ? If so, that would
work fine - just turn on the wireless card as you need it. I do that on
one of my laptops - as I go to wireless spot , just turn it on - it
finds network and off I go.

Or for Windows, just create 2 profiles - one wired  - one for wireless.

I just got a Dell laptop from someone who gave it to me "cuz it doesn't
work any more"
It has built in rj45 and a Netgear PCMCIA network card ( wired - with a

The reason it has 2 nics is that "built-in connection" was connected in
the office and the PCMCIA was used when remote ( hotel/home).

The reason "it doesn't work any more" is that the built-in was set for a
gateway. He had originally gone thru a server to get to the internet and
long ago they installed a router and he now has a direct connection.
They hadn't used this PC in a while - since the server was there. I
removed the gateway info and worked fine. As for the PCMCIA card, it WAS
messed up, so I booted into safe mode- removed it from the config and
rebooted . Downloaded and installed drivers - shutdown/installed
card/rebooted - works fine now too.

Just take it one step at a time and see if each works OK on its own. If
not, is it "slot-dependent"? etc Maybe bad slot ? Let us know how you


Re: Two network cards in one laptop

First, they are correctly called "PC Cards" and not "PCMCIA Cards".

Yes, you could do what you want, but the more common configuration, by
far, would be to remove the wired Ethernet card and insert the Wireless
card in it's place.  There are situations in which it's appropriate to
have multiple network cards in a single computer, but the situation that
you describe is not one of them.  While such a configuration is still
possible for your application, it's unnecessarily confusing and will
take unnecessary work to configure.

Jeanette wrote:

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