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Re: TV tuner for Laptop wrote:
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I wanted to try the same thing.

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intended to be driven from a 'cable TV line' with a strong signal

Regular TV's have internal RF amplifiers that allow them to work with
a simple antenna. The PCMCIA or USB don't have RF amplifiers from
what I have read.

I'd like to hear from anyone using a laptop USB/PCMCIA TV setup
with a simple antenna.

As an option, a Casio EV-680 4" color TV with Powerex NiMh batteries
are what I use, with a 12v to 120v converter and Nimh charger.

Re: TV tuner for Laptop

The tuner boxes used in the USB TV tuners are 3rd party products
identical to tuners used in TV sets.  There is no inherint reason why
their sensitivity should be significantly different from that of a TV
set, recognizing that there are major variations among different models
of TV sets, and similar variations can be expected in these products.

Homer wrote:

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Re: TV tuner for Laptop wrote:
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Hi Jerry,
     If you have a High-Speed USB 2.0 port on your laptop, we recommend
you go for the USB TV Tuner. It will keep your PC Card slot(s) free for
other things. The difference between PCMCIA (or PC Card) and USB is
really not significant except for this.
     The quality of the video and audio will be determined more by the
input source than the type of TV Tuner you use, unless the tuner is of
poor quality.
     Also, most USB TV Tuners shouldn't require separate power. Power
should be supplied Plug 'N' Play by the laptop.
     If you are interested in one of the most popular USB TV tuners on
the market today, you should consider the MSI VOX TV / Video Input
Adapter Hi-Speed USB 2.0 External. We are offering this item on our
website at the following address:
     This item does not require separate power and includes a remote
control and software. It will also work with a USB 1.0 port with
reduced speed of transfer.
     Additionally, if your laptop only has USB 1.0, you can upgrade
with a USB 2.0 PC Card (PCMCIA). We offer the Adaptec DuoConnect For
Notebooks Hi-Speed USB 2.0 & Firewire CardBus Adapter 3 Ports PC Card
at the following address:
     Although this would use one of your PC Card slots, the difference
in video and audio quality between USB 1.0 and 2.0 can be significant
enough to consider upgrading.
     Be sure that whatever you purchase is compatible with your laptop
and that your laptop meets the minimum requirements.

Silicon Alley Computers

Re: TV tuner for Laptop

"Silicon Alley Computers"

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I'm curious.... what other things would a person
reserve the PC Card slot for?

I've never owned a laptop... gonna buy one soon....
hence the question.

Re: TV tuner for Laptop wrote:
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Sound card, WiFi card, Modem card, Network card, USB2 card... Visit
your your local computer shop and see for yourself what's available.

We judge others by our own limitations.

Re: TV tuner for Laptop

I have an MSI and have a couple of observations:
1.) requires a audio in jack - make sure you have one
2.) remote has never worked on laptop USB power.

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