TV for laptop?

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Was browsing ebay for a digital TV tuner. Saw PCMCIA and thumb drive sized
USB tuners. While those small tuners seem like they might be more of a
novelty, I wonder!

Has anyone had experience with a TV tuner and their laptop or notebook PC?
The U.S. is going all digital in just over one year, so there will be no
more analog TV broadcasts. Would need a digital tuner for the laptop. Does
anyone have experience with these small tuners and their laptop?

Would like to hear about it!
(and what brand/model you have)

Re: TV for laptop?

Some of them work fine; some of them support either dual or triple mode

none wrote:
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Re: TV for laptop?

Do some searching for different models on,, etc.  The
best thing to read are the user comments.  They will give you a good
real-world picture in regard to how the units work and their shortcomings.

I have an HP branded one for my laptop that is made by Hauppage (sp?) for
HP.  If I were doing it again, I would buy a totally external USB one vs the
Express Card format.  The unit I have gets so freakin' hot.  I mean almost
too hot to touch.  It really heats up that whole side of the laptop.

In the end, it is all about signal quality.  Realize that the little
standard extendable antenna can only do so much.

Make sure your CPU and GPU are up to the task AND that you have a decent
video codec.  The built in one from Microsoft one is crap.  If you get a
better one (Cyber-something 7 is supposed to be very efficient) your picture
quality (sturring, dropouts) will be so much better.

My $.02.

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