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I am working with a gateway laptop model "MT3705" . I need to turm it
on ( power on ) without opening it or turn on the power button. Can
any body advice me that how to do it?


Re: Turn on the power of the laptop

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Give it a kiss, a cuddle and plenty of TLC. Don't worry you will turn it on

John the West Ham fan

Re: Turn on the power of the laptop

Will it do Wake on LAN?


john wrote:
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Re: Turn on the power of the laptop

The laptop will be used by a blind person. So, I need a way to somehow
that she does not have to turn on the switch or open up the screen. i
installed the software on the laptop that converts images into sound
and she will hear the sound and walk around.


Re: Turn on the power of the laptop

john wrote:
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Hello John,

I've not setup a laptop for a visually
impaired person but have done several
desktops.  First rule is to never
underestimate the capability of the visually
impaired--they are great in adapting and
rising to the occasion!  They will have more
frustration when you attempt to adapt to them
than when they adapt to the sighted world.

Keeping in mind the 'first rule,' I'd find
the multi-function keyboard of a laptop a bit
daunting were I impaired -- might be
worthwhile to position several standard but
inexpensive keyboards around the environment
and plug those into the laptop when it is
moved from one place to anohter.

 From your post, I don't understand what
"walk around" means and don't have a grasp on
what's required.  Is the software just a
screenreader like Jaws or Window-Eyes; or,
are you also trying to use something like
Dragon or Via Voice.

Does "walk around" mean that the laptop will
move about?

If so, consider what the battery duty cycle
is.  Are multiple power brick's available?
Many visually impaired have to watch their
budget so cost may be an issue.

Right off, I'd plan on closing (maybe without
latching) the lid to place the unit in
standby or sleep.  I don't like the idea of
moving an open laptop around a house or
office --increased risk of personal injury or
equipment damage.

If finger dexterity is an issue (arthritis
etc.) then how about taping over the latches
so that when the lid is closed it places the
machine in standby but isn't difficult to
open?  Or, gluing a couple of pencil erasers
near the keyboard so that the lid doesn't
latch but closes far enough to activate the
standby or sleep mode.

Is there a diabetes issue?  (i.e. does the
person also have impaired sensory ability in
her fingertips?)  Will small nailpolish
specks on keys do the job or do the 'blobs'
have to be high enough that they might
contact the display panel?

Take a look at the BIOS and OS options for
standby mode so that we can figure out
components shut down when the lid is closed.

Take a look at how often a reboot is
advisable when the machine is placed in sleep
or standby on a frequent basis.

Once you settle on how to signal the laptop
into standby or sleep, then consider what APM
options are available in the BIOS and in the OS.

What 'hot keys' bring this machine out of
standby or sleep?

Please get back with this.  Throw all the
issues out here and we can chew on it.

Two other resources:
< alt.comp.blind.user >
< alt.comp.blind.users >


Re: Turn on the power of the laptop

john wrote:
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Part of this depends on the available BIOS settings for power failures.
Some BIOSes can be set so when power is applied the system either:

a) does nothing
b) returns to the previous state (if it was on it turns on, if it was
off it stays off)
c) powers on even if it was previously off

I doubt if this notebook has this sophisticated of a BIOS.

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