Trouble With Dell Wireless

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Hi Guys. I am really hoping that someone can help me with this
problem. A friend of mine recently bought a second hand laptop from
someone. It is a Dell Inspriron 640m. It was only 4 months old when he
picked it up from someone that didn't want to make the payments.  When
he got it everything was fine,except for the usual demo software and
other stuff like that.

 So he reformatted and re-installed Windows. He isn't very experienced
at this kind of thing so when he told me that he couldn't detect his
wireless network I thought he might have just done something wrong. He
ended up giving to me to take a look. I did the same thing, installed
Windows fresh to make sure everything was ok.

 I had the same problem. I began to wonder if it may just be a driver
issue. When I tried to install the video driver I got a corrupted file
message. So I went to the Dell website, entered the service tag and
downloaded the video driver. That worked like a charm. So I popped one
of the plastic covers off, saw that it was an Intel wireless board and
checked. Sure enough there was a driver there, it was a 90 MB file so
I had to leave it on overnight with my crappy dial up.

  The next morning I tried the file and thought everything would work
fine. But after opening it says that it's part of a multi disk file
and to insert the other disk. I have no idea what it wants now.

  I am really getting frustrated now. I hope that it is something
simple and stupid that I'm overlooking. I checked the device manager
and the card isn't showing up at all. I tried posting on the Dell
messageboards but have had no luck yet.

As I've said, any help is appreciated as I have almost given up.
Thanks guys.

Re: Trouble With Dell Wireless

TheGatekeeper wrote:
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 >  So he reformatted and re-installed Windows.
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The machine may still be under warranty. Your friend should get a copy
of the original sales slip and contact Dell about transferring the
warranty. Dell customer support should then be able to help.

How was Windows reinstalled? The recovery process for the system should
correctly rebuild all of the drivers. A recovery cd may be available
from Dell.

Phil Sherman

Re: Trouble With Dell Wireless

 When he did the first reformat, he erased all the partitions and
installed Windows. I assume there was a recovery partition there. My
Dell laptop came with a seperate partition that was set up just for
that. But I checked and he had no recovery CD.  I had the exact same
thought though. It is still under warranty so take it to a Dell rep
and see what they say. Thanks

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