Transplanting a laptop keyboard?

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I've been searching for years for an external keyboard that feels as
good as the ones on my Dell Inspirons. [Before you say this post is
off-topic, read on...] There are any number of "laptop-style" external
keyboards on the market, but they all seem to use the plastic scissor
switches with the little rubber nipple spring underneath, rather than
the smooth spring steel mechanism that the Dells have. Yes, as my wife
says I'm a fussy virgo, but I type a lot and it really matters to me
(this is one reason I can't use a Mac laptop  -- they use the rubber

So now I'm thinking of trying to buy a Dell replacement keyboard and
build the neccessary electronics around that, but I can't find any
documentation on the signals/protocol they use. It would be ideal if
there were a uniform standard -- in that case I could just buy one of
the external keyboards built around the other mechanism and throw in a
Dell replacement keyboard. But as I said, I need information. Can anyone

Thanks in advance!
Dave Abrahams
Boost Consulting

Re: Transplanting a laptop keyboard?

David Abrahams wrote:

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Why not just get a full-sized keyboard?

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Re: Transplanting a laptop keyboard?

J. Clarke wrote:

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Because they don't feel good to me and I get RSI from applying the
neccessary key pressure through the long travel length for many hours.

Dave Abrahams
Boost Consulting

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