Toughbook CF-W2 problem

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I have a one year old toughbook (Panasonic CF-W2).  Recently I've  been
having some problems with it, and I'm wondering if anyone else has a
had similar experiences

Initially, the battery lasted much longer, but started lasting for
shorter and shorter periods.  More recently, the battery indicator will
say there's a significant period of time left (for example, 1 hour and
53 minutes) and then ten minutes later, I'll get the "low battery"
alert that indicates I have less than 10% remaining and should
immediately dock the machine.  I even tried switching to another
battery, and this happened again.

Also, the toughbook spontaneously reboots sometimes.  This usually
happens when it's idle, but it sometimes also happens while I'm using

Any advice?

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The battery is dying. Buy a new battery if operation on battery is
important to you.

Spontaneous rebooting in WinXP is due to a system error when you have
'reboot on error' selected in System Properties.  To see the error
message, de-select 'reboot on error' in System Properties and you will
be presented with a blue screen with the error message text.
Alternatively, access Administrative Tools control panel, Event viewer,
and review all logs to see what error is reported. Report the *exact*
error text.

Spontaneous rebooting is likely a hardware problem: CPU overheat, RAM
failure, HD failure, and similar; without the error text, there is no
hope for assistance.


Re: Toughbook CF-W2 problem

Thanks for your reply.  The only problem is, I just got a new battery
and am having the same problem with the new one.  Any ideas?  Could it
be related to whatever's causing the machine to reboot?  I don't know
the error text yet, as it hasn't done it since I made the change you


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