Touchpad/pointer Problem

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Hi everyone,

    Some may recall that I asked about fan noise in a Latitude
CxpH 500 a few weeks ago. Today I installed a new fan (turns out the
sound level is identical--live and learn;-). I didn't have too much
trouble reassembling it: some of the plastic support lips kept popping
up over the keyboard, otherwise it went smoothly for a novice. I had
removed battery & hard drive prior to disassembling. After powering it
up again, however, I got a configuration error message. Before I could
explore it, Win 98 SE loaded. Some settings were lost or altered,
mainly writ display, but these were easily fixed. All the other
software works fine, save for the touch pad. The pointer doesn't
respond to it, nor do either set of buttons work. The CxpH also has an
IBM style touch point in the center of the keyboard and this also
doesn't work.

    We have been using a USB mouse with this laptop and when I
hooked it up, it was fine. Of course prior to this the touch pad
worked alongside the mouse with no apparent conflict.

    Question, is the problem likely one of reassembly--did I miss
align the touchpad and buttons with their electronics below, or do I
have a driver/software problem?


Andy Katz
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Re: Touchpad/pointer Problem

Andy Katz wrote:
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With nothing more than you've been into and out again, I suspect that
either the keyboard cable or the touchpad cable is not firmly clamped.
If these cables attach with a wedge clamp, it is possible to get one end
of the clamp fixed and then while doing the other end, the first end
pops back up. In any event, it is a cable problem of some kind.


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