Touchpad of Aspire 2010 is not working anymore

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I=B4ve got an Acer Aspire 2010 which I bought like two years ago. I
decided, that my HDD is too small, that=B4s whay I changed it from 40 GB
to 120 GB. BIOS accepted the new HDD without any problem although
someone at the Technical Hotline told me it might not work. I installed
Windows and everything was fine. After one of the restards due to
driver installations the touchpad didn=B4t work anymore and there was a
problem with the mouse as well. Before one of those restarts the
touchpad and my usb-mouse worked together properly. Now, I can=B4t even
install new Synaptic drivers. My notebook simply doesn=B4t recognize the
touchpad anymore. It pretends, that there is no touchpad at all. It
also says periodic something like "usb hardware is not working
properly" for like 30 secs. Within this time I can=B4t even use my

Could some of you guys please help me? I=B4m going crazy with this
stupid problem.

Greets and thx a lot,=20

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