Toshibas vs T-Pads

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I heard somewhere that Toshibas are not very linux compatible. I really like
Toshibas cuz I think they are reliable. Are there any models that handle linux
in general better than others? I'd like to get a new one, but have also been
advised to get something a year or so old. Or should I just go with a Thinkpad?
Not sure what flavor of Linux I will use yet. Is there a webpage that rates
laptops by brand and model number.

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Thinkpads are #1 when it comes to Linux compatibility, as everything
works out of the box (and they support both APM/ACPI in case one of the
two is quirky). That said, I have heard many success stories from Dell
owners so you may want to give them a try as well. If you decide to pay
the premium for a Thinkpad, though, don't forget you also get superior
reliability to the Toshiba's and the best after-sales service around.

Hope this helps

Re: Toshibas vs T-Pads

I would generally agree with that but if you do try a Toshiba, I found no
problems with using Knoppix on my Portege 7220 and it auto-configuring
everything to run off the CD

Toshibas are supposed to be as reliable as Thinkpads but they think that
they are so reliable that they dont need to support them but get the one
with the three year warranty rather than the one they will only give with a
one year warranty.

 If you decide to pay
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Re: Toshibas vs T-Pads

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That certainly has been true in the past, and I had very good
experiences with the last Thinkpad I owned.  My only question is, has
anything changed since the sale of IBM's laptop line?  Is support
under warranty still as good as it has been?

Rick Carter
Chair, Delphi/Paradox SIG, Cincinnati PC Users Group

Re: Toshibas vs T-Pads

 >Rick Carter wrote:
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Thinkpad line won't be "Levono Thinkpad" (I dont just mean the brand, I
mean support, manufacturing etc) for at least one more generation of
Thinkpads. So you should be perfectly safe for now. That said, I dont
think Levono are stupid enough to change the biggest selling point of
Thinkpads (support & reliability) and enter into a low-price market
already dominated by Dell&co.


Re: Toshibas vs T-Pads

Unfortunately it is not the case that Thinkpads are 100% compatible
with Linux. My T20 came with a Winmodem (but a binary-only driver is
available, which goes out-of-date with every new kernel version), and
the thinkpad kernel module cannot utilize all the functionality of the
APM BIOS (hibernate from command line).  You might also want to find
out if the fingerprint readers and other features on the newer models
are usable in Linux.

That said, Thinkpads are the best-engineered, most ergonomic notebooks
around, and on mine, all the required functionality can be utilized
with workarounds such as proprietary drivers, etc.

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