Toshiba wifi switch

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Most Toshiba laptops have a hardware on/off switch and an LED light for
their WiFi card (the laptop of specific interest is a 1415-S173, where
these are on the right side of the laptop).

However, if you take out the Toshiba card (because, in this case, it was
802.11b ONLY ... a very old card in a somewhat old laptop) and you put
in a Generic card (Intel 2200BG, a very common card), the switch and
light no longer work.  The card is, effectively, "always on" (granted,
that's a LOT better than always off), the light and switch don't work
and you have to control it via software.

Now this isn't the worst possible scenario, by any means (you do after
all have fully functional good quality internal wifi), but does anyone
know how to make the switch and light work when the WiFi card is a
non-Toshiba card?
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